How to configure Decentraleyes extension for Brave browser


Decentraleyes extension usually gives a short guide page to configure HTTPS Everywhere usage along with it. That page when opened used to show 13 or 14 files engaged by HTTPS Everywhere which need to be disengaged and it needs to be engaged to only 1 file. This has to be done for chrome based browsers.
Since Brave is chrome based browser even if I install Decentraleyes it is not serving its purpose as I have no way to configure HTTPS Everywhere. If I have HTTPS Everywhere installed then I could do this edit as suggested by Decentraleyes. But installing HTTPS Everywhere is redundant in Brave browser as it has this functionality by default.
This is the link to configure HTTPS Everywhere for proper usage of Decentraleyes.
I have also attached screenshot of my chrome browser with HTTPS Everywhere configured.



Is anyone using decentraleyes on brave browser?