How to configure Decentraleyes extension for Brave browser


Decentraleyes extension usually gives a short guide page to configure HTTPS Everywhere usage along with it. That page when opened used to show 13 or 14 files engaged by HTTPS Everywhere which need to be disengaged and it needs to be engaged to only 1 file. This has to be done for chrome based browsers.
Since Brave is chrome based browser even if I install Decentraleyes it is not serving its purpose as I have no way to configure HTTPS Everywhere. If I have HTTPS Everywhere installed then I could do this edit as suggested by Decentraleyes. But installing HTTPS Everywhere is redundant in Brave browser as it has this functionality by default.
This is the link to configure HTTPS Everywhere for proper usage of Decentraleyes.
I have also attached screenshot of my chrome browser with HTTPS Everywhere configured.


Decentraleyes extension is working brilliantly
Decentraleyes extension is working brilliantly
Ads are showing up in the new Brave update
HTTPS Everywhere from web store

Is anyone using decentraleyes on brave browser?


Interesting extension. Would also be interested to know how to make it work.

It might even be included in Brave sometime?


I tried it briefly, and it seems to work fine without any additional configurations. I used the testing utility (Decentraleyes | Testing Utility) to verify.


@Mattches is there anyway to edit HTTPS Everywhere in Brave browser to work with decentralyes as in chrome.


There’s not but you can turn it off entirely and rely on Decentraleyes to take care of encrypting connections. Not sure if it works though. Try toggling this guy and let me know the result:


I will try this. In that case I am disabling the built-in HTTPS Everywhere feature from Brave and should install HTTPS Everywhere as extension from chrome and then configure it to work with Decentraleyes.
I will do this and update you tomorrow.

But as a feature can we place a request to give these configure options which decentraleyes demands upon installing it so that we do not need to install HTTPS extension?



@nellaiseemai, I’m confused by

Do you mean that Decentraleyes requires that https be turned off before it can be installed?


Sorry. I was not clear.
HTTPS Everywhere needs to be configured for decentraleyes. I do not know the details as I am not an expert on this. After installing decentraleyes, it asks users to configure HTTPS Everywhere (may be HTTPS Everywhere transfer our communication to outside libraries which decentraleyes changes to refer internally from its own library within our computer) from this link This is not possible from the HTTPS Everywhere built in within Brave browser as I do not see an option. But if HTTPS Everywhere is installed as an extension then one can make this changes in the extension. I still did not make it clear I guess. I will edit this later.
In my brave browser (or any chromium based browser) HTTPS Everywhere refers 14 different libraries of which I have deselect everything else except decentraleyes library as given in the picture.


I am also wondering about this as well. I recently discovered Decentraleyes and love the idea behind it, but the HTTPS Everywhere configuration is tough with Brave.

I ended up just disabling HTTPS Everywhere in the Brave settings and installed the Chrome Web Store version. From there, I followed Decentraleyes’ configuration instructions.

It would be great if users could access the HTTPS Everywhere settings of the built in Brave extension.


Thanks for your feedback.

Exactly… yes. I also did the same.
For improved privacy this website, suggest these addons:
ublock origin
HTTPS Everywhere
Cookie Autodelete
Privacy Badger

Of course, they also recommend Tor, Firefox and Brave browsers.

Does the Decentraleyes Extension Cause Conflict With HTTPS Everywhere of Brave Browser?

FWIW: we are planning to integrate the same sort of functionality that Decentraleyes provides directly into Brave. When we do, you won’t need to configure anything any more.