Huge jump in HTTPS upgrades overnight

Just curious about the HTTPS upgrades. I use Brave mainly for Facebook, and very little for other websites, though I do surf around a little, or when a FB post links me to an article somewhere.

Since installing Brave less than two weeks ago, the start screen showed 3 HTTPS upgrades up until sometime yesterday. But this morning as soon as I opened Brave it said 103, and just now as I type, it says 119! But I haven’t gone anywhere except Facebook and here.

What exactly triggers an upgrade? And how could there be so many when I only go to a couple sites?

Hi @Joel60,
Brave will “upgrade” your HTTP traffic to HTTPS whenever it’s possible. Mean, if site support HTTPS but still direct you to the HTTP version.

There’s a chance that sites that you visit and resources on that site is “upgraded”. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, but why would Facebook and only 2 or 3 other HTTPS sites direct me to the HTTP version over a hundred times with 24 hours? That’s what I don’t understand.

…Anyone? :confused:

How is it that nobody knows the answer to this??

Apologies for late response @Joel60,

AFAIK, Brave also do “upgrade” for resources on the site. So, if you only visit few sites but some resources on that site is support HTTPS but loaded via HTTP, then it’ll still be upgraded then counted as “HTTPS Upgrades”.

cc @Mattches @sriram for correction.

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It could be an embedded 3rd content which is loaded on http but has an https path as well. You can inspect the page load and see which components are loaded via http and https. There is nothing alarming about the HTTPS upgrades.


Thanks for those explanations. Makes sense, and I wasn’t alarmed so much, just surprised and curious. :smiley: Interestingly, there have been no further upgrades since I started this thread. Go figure! LOL