Using decentraleyes add on in Brave browser - help needed


For any chrome based browser I use these addons:
HTTPS Everywhere
Privacy Badger
uBlock Origin

But with Brave browser I wanted to skip uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere as they are built-in (Brave built-in adblocker makes uBlock Origin overkill and HTTPS Everywhere is built-in). Now there is an issue with using Decentraleyes add on. As per instruction for installing it in chrome browser they have given a short guide to follow if HTTPS Everywhere is installed as well. This is the link given: So they suggest to make some changes in how HTTPS Everywhere default settings. But this is not possible with the built-in HTTPS Everywhere as there is no place to change its settings. So I had to install HTTPS E extension and then able to make changes.

Is there anyone using Decentraleyes and HTTPS Everywhere together as me. Please give your suggestions.


Hi, I use decentraleyes with Brave but I haven’t made any of those modifications. I just tried the test and it fails, so I’ll have a go as well at this …

[edit] oh, actually, this is caused by my VPN extension; when disabled, the test page of decentraleyes returns everything is configured properly.

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