What extensions does Brave functionality replicate

I tend to install extra extensions in Brave, like Privacy Badger, uBlock Origins, and Windows Defender Browser Protection. I know that Brave already replicates HTTPS Everywhere, but what does Brave do on it’s own? What extensions do I not really need?

Conversely, what extensions are helpful to double up on? Is there any harm in keeping Privacy Badger or uBlock Origin, for example? Are there things I should add to maintain a reasonable level of privacy?

Personally, I’m not looking to have to tweak uMatrix or the like. I’m just looking for a little extra protection.

I have been on the hunt for more information about Brave’s built in https upgrade functionality vs the https everywhere extension.

I few months ago, I started using HTTPS everywhere with Brave and I immediately noticed that it would give a clear warning when a site did not have certain encryption. I never noticed Brave giving eye catching warnings like that. After starting with HTTPS everywhere, I sometimes respond by then avoiding “flagged” sites, or maybe accessing from a virtual machine that I kind of don’t care about.

But, I know that Brave has received some updates since then so maybe now the implementation has changed.

My guess is that Brave tried to do the HTTPS upgrades but if it failed it wouldn’t give an “eye catching” warning. Maybe things have now changed, though (Brave newer versions).

Right now I am tempted to disable Brave’s https upgrades and use https everywhere. This is because I reasonably trust HTTPS everywhere. But, I kind of don’t know what I am talking about, so take that with a grain of salt.

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