HTTPS error and can't continue


First of all I have to say that I have been using brave browser since January 2019 and every has been working fine till about 1 month.

I work as telecomunication technician with devices such as huawei, aruba, ubiquiti and so…

The problem starts when I have to make login with the devices throught website, I mean, those devices has their own certificate.

I do not know if I am the only with the same cert issues:

After clicking “continue button”, it does not make anything so I have to open another browser(mozilla) to do login and make changes into the device.

I have uninstall/install from my laptot, create a virtual machine and download the last version and install the last version in another pc but it does not work.

Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bits)

PD: Sorry for my english! :smiley:

I see this error message also, you’ll get it the same error message in Chrome and Firefox. (Tested when signing into my Ubiquiti unifi controller). Its expected. The only way around it, would to have a proper domain attached to it. Clicking on the Proceed will force the browser to open the site.

After clicking Proceed, it does not make anything.

I have tried around 15 times and wait 15/20 sec between them

Does it work in other browsers? Maybe reboot the device you’re connecting first. Also ensure there is no firewalls preventing access

May you please talk to Web Compatibility.

I have cert issues with all devices, so the problem does not solve rebooting the devices.

I can do login with chrome/Firefox without problems.

I have no firewalls on my pcs (computers I have mentioned)

any idea about the issue?

Try a new Brave profile?

It does not work, The behavior is the same.

Is there anybody with the same issue?

here is my test (was tested in Brave Release and Beta)

That’s really strange. Can you open the developer tools console (right-click on the page, select “Inspect” then click on the “Console” tab in the right side-bar that pops up) and take a screenshot of it before and after clicking on the Proceed link in the lower-left corner?

I have fix it switching the browser language from spanish to english.

I does not make sense but it works.

Thats 4 all!

PD: Chrome-error://chromewebdata/#

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Great, that should make it easier for us to reproduce then!

Can you tell me which kind of Spanish you used? Spanish (Spain)? Spanish (Mexico)?

Im using Spanish(Spain)

I was able to reproduce the error and I filed an issue to track this bug:

Well done finding the root of the problem!

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I have seen the case @fmarier , thank’s!!.

I hope they fix that but the browser in english language is ok.

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