I have provided for Social Media Sharing links in all my pages. They are showing up in Chrome and Opera but NOT in Brave. Why is it so? You can check in a Chrome browser to see the difference.

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It looks like there are 5 https upgrades that bar the social media login pane on the left from appear. Opening the Shields panel and disabling the Https upgrades setting allows the social icons to load.

I tried that. I have changed the settings. But, it still does not work.

Because we’re blocking (For privacy reasons), I’d recommend loading your social icons without relying on a third-party script.

Thank you. I know you have done your part correctly. Unfortunately, I an a non technical dumbo and do not how to do it. Anyway, thank you. I will take someone else’s help to find a solution.


Who ever designed the site, or adjust the template to get them to remove the dependancy. Basically talk to the web designer of the site, and link to this thread

The ignorant Me is the web designer!! I have done it through trial and error and through some online tutorials!!

Just remove the dependancy in your code then

Dear Ryan,

I know that I am becoming a nuisance to you! But i just do not know how to remove the dependency in my code.


I can’t help here, i’m not a web designer. just look at the social elements, and why sumo is needed. Consult others regarding your hosting to be honest.

Sure. I understand and appreciate your guidance.



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