Some photos do not show up in BRAVE but they are ok on Chrome! Please help

*Some photos do not show up in BRAVE but they are ok on Chrome! Please help.

Photos on which website? can you link to some examples?

The issue i noticed in one of the games in my Facebook account. I do not know if the link works for you…!show.fb?id=Drsvdwyal

I you can access it and look at the left side, all photos are missing.
I will attach a screenshot.
Thank you.

Re-checked this, just enable Facebook in Brave Settings/Shields.

Tested with one Wrestler, fought one opponent and trained.

Hi Fanboynz,

The issue is not about the game itself loading… that works… but about the linked photos not showing up. See the screenshot in the previous post.

Also…how do i enable settings in shields? no idea were or how.


Link to broken photos?

here are a few of the links:

all the links are in the same folder.


I mean link to show these image

Okay, saw it. Looking.

Looking it, Chrome and Chromium struggles to load it, goes through an endless loop in both Chrome browsers.

Firefox seemed to load it fine. The site should fix the http/mixcontent issues. Its a site issue, due to mixing http and https content.

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Have created a ticket, but it’ll be up to them to fix this. mixing https/http content on pages can always cause issues.

ok thanks… hope they can fix this.

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