Issues in webpage


With the shields enabled profile pictures of other users are simply gone.

With the shields disabled (and logged in in Facebook), there is a facebook iframe that keeps loading forever, and makes the tab to be stuck right on top of it because it reloads very fast and focus the browser on it. Reloading doesn’t get you out of the loop so to get out you need to open a new tab.

The page does have ads but I have a membership kind of deal with the page, so while I’m logged in, my account doesn’t get to see ads.

version of Brave Dev: Version 0.58.9 Chromium: 71.0.3578.53 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)


Would you mind sharing a screenshot/recording of the behavior?


With Shields Up:


With shields Down:


The Facebook iframe problem:


For the iframe issue, try disabling Fingerprinting Protection with Shields up. The site is likely using some canvasing method to appropriately place the iframe (just a guess, haven’t looked into it/tested yet) but gets blocked in Shields under that setting.

For the profile images…Well, I’m not sure tbh. Are the images you shared at the top Facebook images (both)?


This is what the developer of the page told me.

Seems like the profile images are from FB:

"When you scroll down to the bottom of the site, the iframe is added in the footer and starts loading

We use FB images in avatars"


Just tested this (sign up was quick) on my end.

For the profile pictures, it looks like there’s some embedded ad shenanigans going on in the background. Console is giving me conflicting results so debugging isn’t super straight forward.

Initial guess: The page displays ads/trackers on the page by default. There may be a cookie embedded somewhere in one of them that’s being monitored by a script (ad tech is really good at hiding stuff in this way). If the cookie gets blocked (because the ad gets blocked and subsequently doesn’t display) the Script triggers the website to stop loading. This might explain why some images load but not all of them (nor are they ever the same images every time), since it may take a bit of time (nano-seconds in reality but that can be an eternity to a computer).

That’s entirely unfounded though. I’ve reached out to a few people to get additional eyes on the behavior, will return when I have more information.

Also, the iframe that you mention loads infinitely - where on the page is that located?


Thanks, I’ll ask again about the images to the site dev.

I did some extra testing on my end with the infinite loading, tried the page on my desktop and it works fine there, so it might be some problem in my end on the laptop, not sure…

It happens in any page that has the FB iframe on the footer. After scrolling down.