How'd everyone get started using Brave?


Was just wondering how’d everyone got started using Brave and involved in the Brave community?


To be completely honest I just wanted the developers of necessary and brilliant applications/extensions to begin orientating their service and extensions around the Brave engine so its develops a reputation of trust and making their solutions more reliable in this browser than any other as well as storing useful and necessary extensions neatly in their future store without bloating it to an extent users can’t figure out which one is.

I’ve got quite a few brilliant examples from PGP integration, VPN services and other excellent idea even if I do say so myself. Furthermore, I was also encouraged by this because it was clearly stated that they were trying to bring efficiency to the platform and would sort of prefer a more native route rather than as stated before bloating the extension store.


if i remember correctly i saw a brave Facebook ad (while using facebook) thought i would see what the ad was and here i am…

i am slowly using brave a lot more, but have yet to make it officially my home browser till a few bugs are worked out…
like the white screen pages windows completely gone even on pop ups… where there might be a sign in to a site like google
all site tabs working (no errors on reloads(get an error on my OWN Website which i own the domain) even on reload))

1 or 2 new extensions like a youtube downloader

i have tried to share out brave with limited people at this point like my uncle who is a super nerds and hardware junkie for computers



I was reading some article written by Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow and he mentioned some browsers I hadn’t heard of before. Brave happened to be one of them and so I went looking for it and downloaded/installed to my Linux partition. It’s still a work in progress as there are many things missing that should be, i.e. 24-hour clock, built-in VPN (like Opera has), the ability to use extensions such as HTTPS Everywhere for starters, but I expect that to change as the sw matures.


Hi @pob,

Brave have HTTPS Everywhere built-in right into the browser. :slight_smile: Available extensions is listed in about:preferences#extensions.
More extensions is coming. See requested list here:

If you have an extension request, please open a new thread in #feature-requests:extension-requests

Hope this can help.
Thank you,


Hi @pob I created this topic in the link provided because I knew there was going to be a huge demand for it but I also amended its functionality for Brave making the Opera comparison. Let me know what you think. - VPN / Proxy Extensions better integrated in Brave


I heard about it on the radio.


I heard about through my ears on on the internet (I get info emails from various sources, and I felt that it would be good to try). I already give to websites that I mainly use, but I like the idea of being able to give to whichever website you want anonymously. Although what is this message when I turn on Brave Payments in the Setting -> Payments tab?

“Please wait while we convert your Bitcoin to BAT.
This can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, due to the Bitcoin transaction confirmation process, and will continue normally even if you quit Brave.”

One, I don’t have any Bitcoin yet, and Two, why would I want it automatically converted, and Three, it can’t automatically convert it because I don’t have any and it doesn’t know where I store it even if I did.

Love to hear more about this so I can work it out and start giving to more websites via Brave.


This is for the wallet conversion happening in background which supports BAT. It will convert all wallets irrespective if there is balance in your wallet or not. Post wallet conversion if you have balance then it will take time to convert the balance bitcoin to BAT.

With BAT implementation all wallets and currencies in it is automatically converted as the older scheme is no longer supported

It only converts whats in your Brave wallet. if its empty it just converts the wallet. If it has currency then it converts the wallet first and then converts the currency to equivalent BAT.

Hope this helps


It hasn’t ever finished so far, even when I’ve let it go a number of hours at least two or three times. If needed I can give more details to Brave staff if necessary. Note I have completely cleared all info once or twice in that time, and it still hasn’t been able to finish the conversion of the wallet from BTC to BAT.


Hi everyone,

I was using firefox legacy addons. I was looking for a browser that would have a integrated browser. I told my self it is brave bowser. So I downloaded it was am looking for integrated viruses, spyware and malware.



Hi @Steven

Are you on latest version, 0.19.95 and still seeing this issue?



After reading about Firefox deciding to fight “fake news” alongside with controversial Michael Soros, so I decided to look for a new browser that could replace Firefox as my main browser and after noticing that Brave has some familiar names on it, I gave it a shot and didn’t look back.


Sorry, I mentioned this in two different Brave Community topics. Yes, for me and my computer, the Brave Payments section is working fine and has successfully converted the BTC wallet to BAT. :slight_smile:


Long time Firefox user, beginning probably at launch or soon thereafter. It has remained my browser of choice all this time, easily besting Chrome imo, thanks in large part to some favorite add-ons. Then, soon after the changes coming with release 57 were first announced, I learned that an essential add-on, Classic Theme Restorer, could not be converted to work with r57. Nor is there, to my knowledge, an alternative that does what I want, that being to move the Tabs Bar below the address bar so that it abuts the “view window.” I begin searching for a replacement browser with Tabs where I want them. Discovered that Brave met my requirement, so decided to give it a try. There are of course other aspects of Brave I enjoy, but it was the Tabs Bar that initially got me here.


Recently stepped over the line to straddle the left hand path while I do my right hand work.
Most days I’m a wizard, most nights an eccentric scientist.
Otherwise I’m pre-programmed: A wide-roaming gps communicator sent to make all monopoles magnetic at will.
Brave seemed about the right word to describe what I felt I needed to be. That and a not-so-little bird told me.


I was and still am searching for a Browser under the Linux OS. :computer: I’ve tried a few, eg: Firefox,
Chromium, Chrome, Konqueror, Midori, and a few more. None met my needs. I have only recently
taking up using Brave, but have found it to be a light weight, responsive and pleasant browser
when in use.:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

It like all infant browsers :baby_symbol: comes with some teething problems, some of which can be over looked
and some not. I am hoping to make it my default browser in time. I like most people find that not
one browser can meet ones complete set of needs, so I use a a variety of browsers for different

I would be interested to know if others are like minded :question:
And what was their favorite browser before coming to use Brave :question:

Best Regards, and a Merry :santa: Christmas :christmas_tree:


Someone recommended it a while ago as a fast browser. I tried it and when I found I couldn’t use my favorite password saver, I deleted it. I downloaded it again after reading a recent article that said you could get paid in BAT for viewing ads. I see no way to do that, so I’m not sure what they were talking about.

I’m still trying to figure out why I should keep using it. It’s nice for publishers that you can pay them but what’s the incentive for end users to use Brave?


@cyberdonna you may want to check out this post: Earning BAT through Ads?



exactly what I don’t get aswell. If anyone here could show me where there are Brave ads to watch so I can earn some BAT that would be nice…