What brought you to Brave?

A lot of users have begun to start caring about their privacy and anonymity. This includes AD-blocking and TRACKER-blocking from big money companies.

Anyways - my question here is. What do you like about Brave, what brought you to Brave and where did you come from?


It all started way back when the first version of brave came and I looked at it liking just the speed. :lion: I stoped using it in the wait for more features and in January this year I tested it again and I fell in love with the tab previews on hover :hugs: I looked in to it more and started to take privacy seriously :ok_hand::innocent:


Found a video about Brave on YouTube and wanted to give it a try :slight_smile:

Since then most bugs are fixed and Brave doesn’t crash anymore :smile:

Reasons to change to Brave were:
Firefox didn’t load websites anymore - even after reinstall
Not part of a big search engine company (chrome -> google)
works pretty good :sweat_smile:


I was and am a Firefox user, BUT I like the emphasis of BRAVE on user security and privacy. The issues of security and privacy are the drivers that make BRAVE attractive to me. With the Orwellian overreach of the government under the Obama administration, the lying and spying on reporters and even now Trump, and who knows which other opposition candidates, I do not trust government. The government is not protecting our privacy and security as it should and frankly I want to have personal capabilities to protect my data. I once looked to Firefox exclusively for this, but after they attacked one of their own management for having a position they didn’t like, I just don’t trust them anymore. It was a hypocritical move that compromised the right to free speech. So many are compromising on the right to free speech. Anyway, BRAVE seems to me to be a group who value privacy and security and hopefully free speech as the ethics and values of a company direct its policies and paths as they do our individual lives.

In summary, the focus of BRAVE on security and privacy is the reason for my using it above all other reasons. I also like knowing I saved time and am shielded from unwanted ads and junk!!! I almost forgot the speed!!! :slight_smile:

I try to use BRAVE as much as possible, but I am still concerned with it playing nice with the sites I use most and I have yet to see continually updated comparisons with Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Edge, and MS Internet Explorer as well as others. I want to know that I am using the most secure and private browser with the greatest resistance to fingerprinting. I hope BRAVE will initiate a continually updated self-evaluated comparison of this.


Like: Security, speed, no adds
Brought me: My Chrome stop working on my Mac
Come from: Chrome


When I discovered that Brendan Eich was working on this project, it definitely piqued my interest. I believe him to be one of the great minds from the Mozilla project, and now with Firefox fading into the sunset, it seems fitting for a new browser to rise from the ashes. Ironic that Brave is the phoenix to Firefox.

  • I love the idea of anonymous micro-payments to authors and web-masters. To be honest, I have yet to use this feature because it is still in beta, but I think it’s going to be a big part of how to fund those whom you read without having to “hit the tip jar” or mindlessly clicking on ads in order to contribute.

  • A painful amount of security. I would rather be inconvenienced than hacked. That’s my feeling about Brave, mostly because certain websites are not working perfectly with Brave, but that’s okay. The flaw is usually with a website wanting rights or permissions that I don’t want to give.

I feel for the level of development that it is at now, it’s an excellent browser that will get better and better. When I use Brave I feel like I’m in the vanguard of something new and very good.

Thank you, Brave developers!



Like: Security, no-adds, possibility to pay sites i like
Brought me: an article on Schneider Security (?)
Come from: Chrome & FF


It was mentioned in a ‘Comments’ section. I came & had a look and it was a no brainer when I saw Brendan Eich was involved. I was a Firefox user from 1.x and abandoned it for Opera after his disgraceful treatment at the hands of the company he created and grew.


I first heard mention of Brave in some discussion online about Firefox. This was a long time ago and I didn’t pay much heed to it because it wasn’t even available. But I’ve always been interested in different browsers - Over time I’ve used Chromium/Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IEOpera/Avant, Midori, Mozilla, MyIE2/Maxthon, Opera, Sleipnir and Vivaldi.

Fast forward to today, I came across Brave again in the list on Wikipedia amongst other Blink based browsers:

:confused: ‘Hmm haven’t I seen that name before’. I looked it up and now I’m here.:grinning:


For me, it was the privacy issues and the in-your-face ads on some sites. Especially the annoying auto-run videos. I thought we were past pop-ups? How did auto-runs somehow become “acceptable” web programming? I don’t mind ads, per se, because I understand many sites, especially news sites, depend on the revenue. People need to get paid for working and writing is work. So display ads don’t bother me.

But the incessant tracking and profiling bothers me a great deal. Google is evil. They don’t need to look over my shoulder and they sure as hell don’t need to profit from doing so.


I came here after learning how Mr. Eich was bullied out of his job. I wanted to support his new project and by extension, support freedom!


Ditto that. Plus I don’t trust Google’s Chrome browser (tracking). I had been using Pale Moon, but that had more bugs than a swamp on a hot day.


I was using Firefox since its very beginnings. Trusted it. Swore by it!
But the day I read a discussion on the PC Master Race sub-reddit about Firefox selling out and partnering with George Soros to block, filter and censor “alternative” content was the day I jumped ship.
The PC Master Race community jumped on board with Brave and DuckDuckGo.


I read the news and articles every day, but the ads make it hard to do. I am willing to pay for this experiment. Thank you for providing a peaceful internet encounter.


A friend told me about brave today. Looks promising :slight_smile: I’m really fascinated with the attention currency.


no ads, pop-ups, https, fingerprinting, speed and nice selection of integrated plugins and extensions - and a VERY nice UI

and mostly the chance to earn BAT and then withdraw and ttrade them - SOON please! :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


I have long objected to personal information being a commodity for the enrichment of others. Long path but, story short, I began using DuckDuckGo and, when I saw the Venture Beat article “Brave browser doubles down on privacy with DuckDuckGo search option”, I found you and installed you.

So far, I’m happy.



Dave Cullen of Forever Computing recommended Brave as a far better and more private web browser out there.


I came to Brave after Firefox went all Gestapo getting involved in social engineering via controlled search results lol. Plus their suppression and ousting of Eich was disgusting.
Even while using duckduckgo and multiple adblockers on FF I would be left with huge cookies/cache files to remove nightly.
Brave was suggested to me by an IT nerd and I’ve never looked back. This is the BEST browser I have used, I have zero complaints. It takes a while to figure out what it’s capable of but works great for all my needs.
Running CCleaner before shutting down now takes a second as opposed to many many seconds de-fleaing my laptop while using Mozilla the 2 tonne Gorilla.
Brave is the BEST for privacy and security minded users! Love it!


Because of the news that Brendan Eich left Firefox and had started a new browser. I also used to use Firefox. =
Brave is the best browser I have ever used.