Need some help in getting started

Hey everyone! I’m new to open source. It would be great if someone can help me understand how this community works and how I can get started with contributing in brave.

Brave isn’t actually OSS, all the precompiled builds have closed source components with
some pretty shady stuff. I’d compile Brave from source or use a different browser like Librewolf or another de-Googled fork of Chromium if you want an open source browser.

Brave Community is just a place for basic support. There’s no socialization or contributing that occurs here necessarily. It’s just a spot to share issues you’re having, to seek our general asssitance if you have a problem, and that’s about it.

How so? What are you wanting and able to do? For example, are you talking about doing things more as a developer? Or what is it you’re thinking of in general?

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