How to Transfer brave wallet to other phone?

Hello brave team.
I got a new Android phone. And i have verified Brave wallet which connected With uphold wallet.
Now i want to transfer my wallet to new phone so how can i do that? Is it possible?
Please help me.


no, currently not possible

Is all the BATs sent to your Uphold Account? Check here: Uphold Dashboard

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If your BAT’s are not transferred to Uphold.

Create a youtube channel
Verify it with brave
Send all BAT’s as Tips(charges 5%)

You will receive all your BAT’s Soon


Mate this is against the rules and may have consequences with your Creator Account.

It has a detector and if senses something is wrong, it will ban your Creator’s account and all your BATs will be lost.


From what I have seen, there is still no way to sync bats collected on Android to Uphold. I have 38 bats on my phone worth 30 Dollars that I risk losing if I reset my phone.

You can now link a new Android device to an already verified Uphold account from another device, but the bats do not get sent to uphold, they are still stuck on the device. This is very frustrating.


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