How can I transfer my BATs to anywhere?

How can I transfer my BATs (mobile) to Uphold or anywhere via mobile?

Thank you!

Currently not possible on mobile – only on desktop. Wallet verification (connecting Uphold to your brave://rewards wallet) support for mobile will be added in the future


I do it from desktop.

Then it means that it doesn’t matter we collect BATs on mobile or not, if we can’t use the accumulated amount.

You can keep it in your brave://rewards wallet on your mobile device. And wait until withdrawal support is available on mobile.

Or you can use it to support your favorite publishers/creators.

Ok. Thank you so much.

Is it known if they are going to support mobile transfers in the near future? Are you aware of it?


It’s in the works. But I have no ETA for when it’ll be available.

Thanks for your patience

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