Old Phone to new phone [aware of mobile wallet's inability to transfer]

I’m switching from my old phone to new phone.
I know brave mobile wallet cannot be backed-up/transferred.

My brave android wallet is linked with uphold wallet. I have say 50 bat now, and all of them are reflecting in my uphold wallet, so can i just abandone this wallet and get a new one in my new phone, that way i won’t loose any BAT. I mean uninstall brave in old phone just after i recieve the monthly payout, that way I won’t loose any BAT right?

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So yes, you won’t lose the 50 BAT if it’s in Uphold, that’s safe.
And you can just verify on a new phone, however there are 2 things to keep in mind.

  1. There is a maximum of 4 wallets you can link to Uphold and you can’t remove old connected wallets. So once you add your new phone, you’ll have taken up 2 slots, and only have 2 left.
  2. You can’t verify you mobile wallet unless you have 25 BAT in the wallet. The UI to verify should not appear until you reach 25 BAT.

We know this can be an inconvenience and we have had requests to change this/allow old wallets to be removed - we’re working on it.

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Can I link new phone’s brave wallet with a different (new) uphold account and transfer BAT from one uphold account to another (i mean from new uphold wallet to old one, when i would like to convert into usd for withdrawal purpose?) ?

I would suggest to keep the same Uphold account.

It is Uphold’s policy to only allow one account per user as per our Membership Agreement,

ref: https://uphold.com/en/blog/faq-help-i-cant-log-in-to-my-uphold-account#:~:text=It%20is%20Uphold’s%20policy%20to,unable%20to%20use%20Uphold’s%20services.

And either way you still can’t verify you mobile wallet unless you have 25 BAT in the wallet.

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If I connected with upload then disconnect it and then again connect with same details will it be counted as 2 or 1?

If you disconnect and reconnect the same wallet, it should be fine. The slots are taken by different wallets.

So it will be counted as one right…I can still use 3 more wallet with the uphold account

Can this be done in mobile android brave wallet?
If so, how?

If you have 25 BAT on your android wallet, you will then be able to connect to Uphold.
If you disconnect with Uphold and reconnect with Uphold, on the same phone/same wallet it should be the same instance and not take up an additional slot.
If you use a different phone / uninstall Brave and reinstall, it will take up another wallet slot.

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