How to remove verified devices

Hi Guys
I change all my devices, and now I want remove the old devices from verified devices (in Uphold) and set the new devices.

Anyone can help me?

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Do someone knows if the form to unlink a wallet succeed to solve the issue.
I tried and filled the form but no change for many days/weeks…

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@G3sser its not worked for me still trying to sort it out I sent the right info that is needed but no luck at the moment.

It worked for me but it took a long time.

I not understand.
Anyone can help me please?

How many days to unlink device

Took them roughly 2 weeks to unlink my device

I’m waiting for one month

Depends on their total number of support requests. Mine took 3 days. You can always send another request.

How to know when brave team unlink my devices they send message. Or not

They send a message.


Thank you :blush:
Really they unlink your device with in 3 days

Yes, but I’m sure time varies depending on support request volume. I hope the screen shots help.

Once again thank you

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where to get this t type email and everything?

It work for me

But it tooks around 2 months

They send an email when unlink a device

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