Can't connect my account after a reinstallation

After a reinstallation of my computer, brave don’t want to connect to my uphold account. It tells my that I am at the limit. However, I’m on the same computer. How can I connect it?

Every reinstall is a new device. Every version (release, BETA, Nightly, and each mobile version is a different device.) There is a form you can fill out, but they never end up responding, and they don’t even respond on here about it. I am starting to believe they are scamming people. My phone rewards are building but I can’t link my rewards to Gemini, and on mobile you can’t tip specific people (like yourself) so on mobile my brave rewards are useless. I am starting to wonder why I should use brave anymore.


Hi and welcome. Being a part of the Brave community can be frustrating. Been there several times myself. Going to post the instructions and forms for unlinking a device. Support staff notify you via email when they open a slot.

ISSUE: Device Limit Reached

This link is for Instructions and a link to the Request form to Unlink a Device :
How to Submit a Wallet Unlinking Request

Detailed Instructions with Screenshots below:
How to Remove Verified Devices (screenshots)
Thanks to @Herrvader for the screenshots. :slightly_smiling_face:

Context :
How many Brave Rewards wallets can be linked to my crypto custodian account?

Brave is removing linking limits. Hopefully soon.
Brave GitHub Issue Report :
Implement solution for linking limits

Update (Linking Limits):

Comment by Miyayes (Issue Author/Brave-Browser Collaborator)

do you know when they gonna end this “re-link using forms” stuff? it’s really frustrating.

I don’t. The comment above was the last “official” comment. Since they still had payout issues after the May payout processing and now it appears some creator payouts have problems, then I doubt it will be anytime soon. Brave may surprise us though.

There is a version release scheduled for May 24th but I doubt it will be in that release. The maintenance update is scheduled for June 8, which is around the time for June payout processing, so I would guess they would wait until after June payout processing to release. Hopefully they get all the bugs out of the payout processing process by then and June payouts will work smoothly!

I had no ads for a week so I tried to solve the problem, I uninstalled brave and reinsalled it. I had all the information ( seed phrases, uphold paswords etc…) but I can’t see my rewards and can’t connect to uphold. What should I do? I can get ads now, but my account has gone! What the hell is this? Moreover moderators are very slow to answer! @steeven @Mattches

They don’t remove the linking limit if you fill out the form and also if you try it via this forum. I even made a forum post about it. They just provide adds and tokens that are stuck, so false advertisement

I had 14 BAT on my previous brave before the reinstallation, do they payout those bats in to my uphold automatically?

The problem is I did that, and they haven’t responded. Same with others. They make posts here saying as much and never get a response. Filling out that form feels pointless.

FYI (Good news!)

Brave GitHub Issue Report :
Implement solution for linking limits #18572

Miyayes commented

Hi all, just wanted to give an update here. We had a meeting today to review everything for launch, and the plan is to go live sometime this Wednesday (May 25, 2022). Thanks all.

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Significant Brave Browser v1.39.111 updates:

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