How to handle pdf files in Brave

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I’m not sure this is a bug. However, I want to choose whether to open or save a pdf file on case by case basis. Is there a way to get Brave to ask me each time?

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Each time I click on a pdf file
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Version 1.2.43 Chromium: 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)
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At this point my settings are set to open pdf files in the Brave PDF viewer. However, on certain sites, the pdf automatically goes into “save download file” mode. I would prefer that Brave ask me each time. I often download dozens of documents per day, but sometimes I want the file to open and I do NOT want to save it, just print it.

Thanks for reaching out. I believe that if you have your browser PDF settings configured correctly, if you’re still being prompted to download the file, it may be by choice of the site rather than the browser.

We can test this quickly by opening another browser other than Brave, visiting the site, and seeing if you’re prompted to download the PDF file here as well. If so, it points to a particular configuration on the site side. If not, we have more information to work with.

Additionally – can you share with me an example website that prompts you to download the PDF rather than displaying it in Brave (despite proper settings)?

I may not have made myself completely clear… On some websites the pdf file is opening just fine. The website that is taking me straight to “Save File” (i.e., the pdf does not open, it simply opens my directory so I can name the file being saved) is a website used by our law office to create forms. These forms are always downloaded in pdf format. When I use this same website with Firefox, a dialog box appears asking me to choose either “Open File” (in pdf format) or “Save File”. When I use this same website with Internet Explorer, the banner on the bottom offers me a choice of Download, Download As… or Open. My problem is that I often need to download literally dozens of documents a day (not necessarily only from the website mentioned above) and it varies from document to document whether I want to save the file, or only open it. Is there a way to make Brave ask me each time I click on a pdf file whether I wish to open or save?

I’m in Linux so I don’t know if this will apply to other OSes but I just select print and I get the option to either “print” to a PDF or to a real printer. It beats the big, fat, holy, hairy heck out of having to use a separate virtual printer.

Thank you for the suggestion, LadyFitzgerald. I can do this in my OS as well, but only if the document opens.

Apologies for the misunderstanding.
I know you’ve already stated it, but I’d like to confirm that you have the PDF Documents setting in Settings --> Privacy/Security --> Site Settings --> PDF Documents is toggled “off”, as shown below:

Yes. That option is toggled off.

To confirm whether or not this is an issue with Brave specifically or with the underlying Chromium engine, would you be willing to test this behavior using Chrome or Chromium web browser?

Sure, but give me a few minutes to install Chrome.

Okay. I have the same item toggled off in Chrome. I have gone to each browser to the exact same file to download to show the different responses…

  1.        When I click “Download”  in Chrome, Chrome downloads the document to a pdf file on the banner at the bottom of the page that I can click and open (not my favorite choice, as I can’t save the pdf without opening it first). 

See picture here:

  1.        When I click “Download”  in Firefox, I am given the following options:

  1.        When I click “Download”  in Brave, it immediately opens the “Save As” window (even though the switch IS toggled off).

  1.        When I click “Download”  in Internet Explorer, I get the option choice at the bottom of the screen:

My original question was meant to inquire if the options provided in Firefox and Internet Explorer are available in Brave. I had toggled off the switch to Download automatically, because then I can at least open the document and choose
whether to print or save, rather than having to download, then navigate to the directory where it is saved to open and print if necessary.

And I MUST say that Brave is opening pdf documents fine in other websites. (I haven’t tried every website, but generally, it opens the PDFs). As I said, I was particularly looking to discover if there was an option for each file/pdf as
opposed to making the choice one way or another in settings.

And thank you all for your help.


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