PDF files not being saved in Browser, save only option

Hello, I am unable to open/read PDF files in the Brave browser. The only option is to save.
I have read a number of posts about it and I have not seen a clear answer. There is no one specific site that does not open the pdf file. Every site I visit to read a PDF in Brave browser will not open, even the ones that others have posted as examples. Always it goes direct to save option.
Otherwise, great product.

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Can you confirm that you’ve set the PDF handling option in Settings properly?

Yes, I have. I went through those instructions and am still having the issue across all sites.

I am able to view pdfs on my Essential phone.

Is it perhaps security settings on my workstation?


Blair Spencer

I know you’re saying that you’re experiencing this across sites, but it would be nice to have an example site with an exact PDF file you have attempted to download so that I can test on my end.

Sorry for the delay.

Here is one example that is typical.


I click any of these pdf files as immediately the save as dialogue box opens.



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