How to get the BAT earned to another wallet?

Description of the issue:
I’m not able to access what I have earned, all I want is to transfer to another account. And I refuse to verify my wallet, cryptocurrencies are supposed to be private and anonymous.

Creo que lo que debes verificar es la billetera, no una criptomoneda. Uphold es una billetera donde se conservan diferentes criptomonedas, lo que quiere decir que estás verificando la billetera, no una criptomoneda. Bueno, yo lo veo de esa forma ya que sí verifiqué mi billetera y me ha funcionado bien hasta el momento. Saludos.

sorry but in order to transfer your tokens to another wallet they need to pass throught uphold due to KYC laws, this due to regulations of US. I´m sorry to say that if you don´t want to verify uphold account, well there is no way you are going to get your BAT to another wallet.

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