BAT accumulated before Uphold verification didn't transfer with payout

I verified my Uphold account last month. The 5 BAT I earned in September has been sent to my Uphold account as part of the Oct 5th payout, but the 232 BAT that I had accumulated before verifying my Uphold account did not get transferred to my Uphold account. Is there a way to solve this issue?

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Hi @psgltch

I’ve received my BAT yesterday.
So, I think the best is to be patient more hours/days and your BAT will be withdraw to your Uphold account.

Have a nice day :wink:

Seems like the same is happening again this month. Yesterday, 2.41 BAT was deposited into my Uphold account for the month of October, but I still have over 200 BAT sitting in my browser wallet that I accumulated before I created my Uphold account. Can I get some help?

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Third month in a row now with the same issue and I have yet to receive any help…

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