Verified my wallet but pre verified wallet funds are not transfered to Uphold although new rewards are

I need to move to another laptop so verified my wallet (finally) so that it would transfer funds to uphold. Did the KYC and wallet is showing verified but the funds have not moved. It has been over a month and new funds have gone into the uphold wallet from browsing in the last month on the old and new laptop but the existing BAT rewards I have earned prior to this on the old laptop has not moved.

Does anyone know how I can get this moved to Uphold? I am going to have to give the laptop back at some point and if I cannot transfer the BAT then I will lose it all.

Same thing for me with 260 bat remaining there… and over a month after fully verified on uphold…

Inhave the same problem, ever figure out a solution?

nope, I’m still waiting :frowning: I think they’re just giving you tokens knowing that you’ll never actually get hold of them because there is no way to get them off the browser

I have the same problem with my old BATs sleeping on my old PC. However, the transfer works well as long as I verify my account with the link with an Uphold account … I just cannot retrieve my BATs which were “created” before the link with my uphold account to Brave…

For exemple, I got 29 BAT, that were created before I got an Uphold account. This BAT cannot be transfered, but this months it up to 29.40 BAT and the 0.40 BAT that I made with ads since I linked my Brave account with UpHold are being transfered well with no problem.

Thats exactly the same problem I’m having but I have no idea how to get Brave to help. It says to raise the issue on the community but it doesn’t seem anyone from Brave actually reads these or helps out … how can we get help from Brave? I emailed uphold and they told me its an issue for Brave to sort out

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