A very technical question

So say once I verify my id with Uphold and suppose I transferred my BATs earned by viewing ads to Uphold. Then Uphold holds my BATs. Since I have already registered (meaning I have an account) with Uphold (not verified yet tho) and since they did not ask me to keep my private key safe or anything, it is safe to assume that I have no control over my private keys and hence they hold my BATs (similar to Coinbase if you don’t move your crypto once buying from Coinbase). Because I already have a wallet and I hold the private keys so it is pretty obvious of me to think once I transfer BATs to Uphold, I will immediately transfer it to the wallet of my choice. But here is the tricky part. The BATs I have earned from viewing ads isn’t much. So do you think it is worth it to transfer from Uphold to another wallet of my choice given the transfer fee that is going to incur while transferring cryptocurrencies from an exchange to any wallet? Or has anyone tried, if so what was the transfer fee? Any recommendations on this would be appreciated.

Hi @Prastab,

Uphold support could probably answer your question better. I recommend writing in to support@uphold.com :slight_smile:

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