BAT-earned prior to Uphold-verification is not being transferred to Uphold

So i recently got verified on uphold, but all the bat that I earned prior to being verified on uphold does not show up in uphold at all, is this supposed to be the case?
Is support for “reward withdrawals that were earned prior to uphold verification” still being developed?

I have been able to withdraw monthly contributions that have been paid out after my uphold verification date,

See May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors for explanation

this is a different issue, I was able to claim last month’s rewards for my desktop browser and receive it in Uphold, but I am unable to receive the BAT that I received prior to my uphold verification (I got verified ~2 months ago), so the BAT I earned throughout last year just sits in my browser wallet, unable to be accessed

I am having the same issue. Received May BAT fine. Verified my account on Uphold, but my BAT did not transfer. BAT balance on Uphold is 0.00. The point of being verified was to get access to my current and future BAT.

Same issue here. I just verified on Uphold this month but I have 11 previous months worth of BAT that won’t move into my Uphold wallet. Anyone with this same problem able to finally get it moved over?

Connection with Uphold worked fine the first time (April) - now for May, all BAT remain on the Brave side, not transfering to Uphold, despite reconnection.
Side effect of the reconnection: I have three domains attached to the reward system => each one has a specific card in Uphold

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