How to delete saved autofill?

I tried to send my phone number to potential employer via and advertising page, but I made a mistake and forgot one digit. Now every time I try to send my CV I need to correct this number. I would like to delete what this website has saved for this field but even deleting cookies didn’t work.

-Go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData
-Select Advanced
-Change “Time Range” to All time
-Select Autofill form data
-Click Clear Data

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But I want to delete only data for one specific website, not globally.

For a specific site, open the site and click the lock icon on the address bar.
Go to Site settings and hit Clear data.


Note that you can also clear individual instances of data in the drop-down menu by typing it (or part of it) into the [relevant form/text field], using the down arrow to highlight/select the term you’d like to delete, then press Shift + Delete (or Shift + FN + Delete on macOS) to remove the item from the list.


Well sir, you just gave me more power and control over my browsing history.

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Oh man, thank you so much, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for, clean way to delete precisely the data I want deleted, without deleting anything else!


Happy to help!
Marking this thread as solved :slight_smile: