How to delete previous searched for words in webpage searches?

I understand the title is a bit confusing so I attach an Image of my issue.
I’ve deleted history and cache but somehow cannot delete previous searched for items on websites that have a search function.

A. How do I delete?
B. How do I stop it from remembering in the first place?

Using window and latest version of Brave.

Clear Autofill data.

But I don’t want to clear passwords. Just previous searches?

Isn’t that site specific? Since it was not an address, the settings must be in respective website preferences.

No. The image I included was a site I have never been on. The “searches” that popped up are actually from several other sites.

If it isn’t site specific then go to Settings --> Privacy and security --> Clear browsing data --> Advanced --> Autofill form data --> Clear data
Before doing that be sure to select All time on the Time range dropdown menu.
Let me know how that goes.


under settings -> clear browsing data, click on advanced and tick “autofill form data”
that should make it

Edit: i was slow haha bhimXsardar reply explained it better, that should clear form data

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That did it. Thank you!
Is there a setting to make sure it’s never remembered in the first place?

No, but there is a setting to clear it every time you close your browser.
Go to Settings --> Privacy and security --> Clear browsing data --> On exit --> Autofill form data.
Select the option and Save it.


Perfect. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

No problem. Glad to help.

Simply go to setting in the bottom right of brave home page, then go to privacy, scroll down and click on clear browsing data. It will automatically select all data to be cleared. Tap on clear. You are now good to go.