How to clear / delete autofill entry

I must say, that browser stores for autofilling more than adresses and these “others” are impossible to delete from settings.
I will write this as the manual, because I did work on it long and it can help many people.
There are many of autofilling issue already, some not answered or answered only by hidding this issue, so if this will not be repaired or handled somehow in brave I can be still constructive at least.

This advice did not work for me:
“Settings → Privacy and security → Clear browsing data → Advanced → select Autofill form data → Clear data.”

And settings of autofill adresses can be only deactivated -to catch new values- and -of filling stored-. They are still there waiting to activate.

So if you are here to find how to clear some autofill data, here I go
Steps to fulfill this quest:

1) install anything what opens SQLite3 databases
    for example I used "DB Browser for SQLite"
2) close your Brave browser (maybe copy this instructions somewhere first ;) )
3) open database file "Web data" in folder "C:\Users\yourUserfolder\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\"
    * AppData is hidden directory so if you do not see it copy its name or write it manualy inside directory row
    * select all file types (*) if you are using some open file dialog, because file we are opening is without extension
4) inside database browse data of table "autofill"
5) select and remove unwanted rows
6) save changes and close database
7) open Brave and if you do not wanna use autofillings again you can go to brave://settings/addresses and disable "Save and fill addresses"

It is not simple, but still I am not writing about whole IT detective work there. :male_detective:
I hope this helps! :rainbow: