How to delete Saved Autofill OSX

OSX on M1 chip MBP
I have phone numbers & email addresses i want to remove from fields when i click on them.
None of the suggested methods have worked.
Settings- privacy/data - clear browsing data - advanced - All time & click on autofill
Settings- privacy/data - clear cookies - selected the website that is auto filling
start tying - Shift + delete also not working!

This data MUST be living somewhere that i can get rid of it?

Hello @leopardpagan

Thank you for reaching us and we’re happy to assist you. Could you kindly go to: Settings → Privacy and security → Clear browsing data → Advanced → select Autofill form data → Clear data.

Let me know if that works!

Alice2095… if you read my post (1st line of things that did not work!)… i already did that!
Please read the post before replying…

Hi @leopardpagan

Thanks for your reply we appreciate the details. Could you kindly try searching Autofill in your settings and disable Auto Sign in Below that is all the sites that have saved your information like passwords etc.

Additionally, if you go to brave://settings/autofill there are options to remove autofill for passwords, payment methods, addresses and more.

Let me know if that works!

What Alice2095 said is correct, you have to go to: brave://settings/autofill, but when you do there is no heading for email addresses. You have to go into your settings for addresses, as in snail mail addresses. The email is tacked on there. Totally counterintuitive. I searched for over an hour before I figured it out. Maybe I’m slow but I see a lot of questions on here for the same thing, so…

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