How to customize Spell checker language? I want to change English UK to English US

I have English US set as one of browser languages in settings.

Spell checker works by applying English UK spelling variants (organization is highlighted).

I don’t see options to customize (highlighted) the spell checker settings.

I use recently updated Brave for Mac.


So you see there where you can add languages and toggle them on or off.

I will admit this is on Windows but I think you should have the same option on your Mac. Could you check and verify that for me?

Thank you for the feedback.

I don’t have extra toggles or options below the Spell check toggle.

On my laptop the UI interface is in Russian but you can compare number of controls:

Okay, so ours is very similar but the difference is Windows gives option to turn on or off Use spell check for. So if I wanted to say not to use spell check for English but to use it for Russian, it would do that.

Then as you said, it does give me an option to customize, which is what you want. Before I go tagging anyone from Brave, can you advise which Mac OS version and Brave version you’re using? I want to make sure at least you’re using the most recent version of Brave.

MacOS version Monterey 12.5

I’ve updated Brave to the following version (spell checker uses English UK, no spell check configuration toggles):

Release Notes v1.42.97 (Aug 17th, 2022)

  • Improved fingerprint farbling for subresources. (#24282)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 104.0.5112.102

Ok, so might just not have built it into it or there’s an extra step I’m not thinking about. I’ll tag @Mattches here and hope he can advise. (haven’t seen him post/comment today, so guessing maybe his day off.)

So yeah, I guess I’ll throw in @SaltyBanana as well, lol.

I believe that macOS uses the system’s built-in spellchecker, which is why you do not see the toggles or the Customize spell check option there.

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I replaced English with English (US) in “System Preferences” → “Language & Region” → “Preferred languages” and now both US and UK spellings are accepted.

Thank you for assistance!


You’re very welcome.

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