Brave spell check in other languages

Hello there,

I have the grey option for the 2nd language when I try to select the spell checker for other language (not English).

What I did was:

  • install Brave, change primary language (browser language)
  • go to spell check and see if other language is available
  • after I switch to primary language the language is listed, however it’s grey out and I can’t select it.

Any tips on how to solve this?

Thanks for reaching out @ruicruz,

I believe it’s related to this

Mean Brave not yet support multi-language spell check.

Hello @eljuno - thanks for the quick reply.

No, this is not related I believe.

I have only one language to select, witch is not the main one of the browser, and I can’t select the other one.

I’ve attached an image, maybe this could explain better the issue:

I believe that @eljuno is correct - the issue stated there is the same one you’re facing (or so it seems). I’m able to reproduce the issue you’re encountering. That said, I’m also able to reproduce it on Chrome so there’s a good chance this is a chromium issue that needs to be addressed.

I’ve added your report to the thread @eljuno linked on your behalf. We appreciate your patience as we work out this issue.

Upon further testing I can also confirm this in Chrome. Thanks for your help. I will keep an eye on that post with my GitHub accounts.

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