Managing auto-complete suggestions, especially for logins

While trying to log in to a website recently, I got mixed up on what prompt I was at, and accidentally entered my password for my user ID. The login failed. I tried again, using my ID first, followed by password, and everything went fine. The problem then became that whenever I went to the same website to log in, Brave would list my password in plain text as one of the user ID auto-complete suggestions. I figured if I ignored this long enough, and didn’t use that entry, the suggestion would eventually go away. I did this for a while, but it still got me worried. So, I researched if there was a way to delete this auto-complete entry for the login screen at this one website, and thankfully, I found a way:

It was a bit technical, requiring that I install a tool for manipulating a SQLite database (I used a tool called “DB Browser for SQLite”). Mission accomplished!

It got me thinking that it would be nice if there was a way within Brave to delete individual auto-complete suggestions, especially for login screens, that Brave users might accidentally give it. I think it would help with keeping our web accounts secure, but perhaps people would like it for auto-complete suggestions generally.

Well, yours would have either been saved under brave://settings/autofill where you would have just removed the saved entry. However, if not that, you should see in most of the suggestions that there’s an X next to the suggestion. You can click that to get rid of it.

I’d like to confirm that but need to kind of figure out a website location you’re saying this happened. (just in case it’s a different scenario than I’m used to seeing)