How much will 5K visits a day on a Youtube channel make you in BAT?

Hi, I am from a supported region and just found out about brave creators. My channel makes about 5K visits a day, but I would like to know how much can I expect from that traffic if I sign up ? Thing is, I can’t find any article talking numbers on the internet. Thanks

The think is, you can make money using referral program but it is cureently on hold until further notice. The other way to earn was if you have a website, you can add it and allow Brave to serve Rewards ads on your website. That will earn BATs. As for your current case, your BATs earnings will totally depend on people’s tippings. @Aman_M @Saoiray @rodrige please confirm. Thanks!

Since It is YouTube channel, your earnings as a Brave creator will be totally based on BATs tipped by users to your channel.

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@cfunk0 Creators do not earn just simply based on visits, typically. Brave also does not show ads on your content or anything of the sort, meaning you have no earnings from that. There are two ways that Users can pass on BAT to Creators.

  1. Users are able to set their browser to determine if they want to Auto-Contribute a certain amount of BAT each month, which then gets divided based on how much time they spend on a Creator’s content. How much a person contributes is up to each User.

  2. The second method is intentional tipping. So when they are viewing your channel, they can elect to send a tip to you for whatever amount they’d like. Often this is a one time thing but it is possible to set up recurring tips as well.

If you do have a lot of Viewers, you could suggest they use Brave and encourage them to send tips your way to help support your content.

There are many changes being worked on for Creators. For example, Pay With BAT which they are still ironing out, but it will allow people to buy things on sites. They also have talked about letting Creators mint NFTs which could be purchased. Also the way tips are given and received should be made much easier, as they are not going to limit to just one way of tipping as they do now.

Those changes likely won’t start coming until after June/July of next year unless we’re lucky. But just figured I’d pass that one to show how they are looking to expand on how things are done.


Thanks for the clarification. But is there some average data on numbers ? Since users might have their auto-share enabled, this means if they are potential recurring viewers they will share a slice with you ? Is there any example of average numbers without including tipping ?


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It’s possible. Unfortunately Brave doesn’t share any details on tips being given or auto-contribution. What I will tell you is as an observer here on forums and Reddit, the average User tends to NOT leave auto-contribution on. They want to be in control of who gets their BAT, with a large number just choosing to keep 100% to themselves. That said, we’ve had Creators share about how they get 500+ BAT each month (with one a while ago that was making a lot more than that).

At current pricing, doesn’t sound like much. But a while back, 1 BAT = $1+ and it likely will get there again in the future. If we pretend it’s 1 User per visit, that could be 5,000-50,000 BAT (minus 5%) a month, if they just toss you 1-10 BAT tips. Issue, of course, is whether your subscribers/viewers all use Brave AND if they wish to support you or if they are greedy as hell.

Not that I’m aware of. I have requested Brave come up with something to show much BAT is being earned by Users monthly and what percentage is being tipped/contributed out. Unfortunately, it’s not been put in place (yet). I’m not sure if @sampson, @chriscat, or @steeven might be able to share any information or advise on in general.

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