Why are Creators earnings so volatile?

I mean, I can stay 20 days or more without ANY tip and then see my tip count increase day after day for some days.

Also, I can earn 0.24 BAT in a given month and 15 BAT or more in the next month coming from different channels. I would understand that this would happen if it were a significant tip, but as I said, tips increase in leaps and also come from different channels. It’s as if Brave distributes more tips through auto-contribute in some months than others. Is it possible?

Until now, the number of visits to my channels has been steadily increasing, so it is difficult for me to attribute it to a decrease in visits. In fact, visits doubled in the past month and tips are very low this month. I don’t really have a problem with this, I’m a content creator only by hobby and I like the BAT system as it is, I’m just curious as to how the tip sharing mechanism works.

Would you mind sharing your experiences?
Thank you!

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