Ask about how to earn BAT with Brave

I have a youtube channel and have a link with Brave. Besides introducing Brave, is there any other way to earn BAT from Brave? Someone help me, thanks a lot.

Hi, as far as I know, in, brave can only be earned by attracting new people and watching ads

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Viewing privacy-respecting ads
Receive tip and contribute from brave user’s

Can you show me how to view ads to earn more BAT?

Are you using mobile or computer?

Sorry for the long reply. I am using you computer

visit the link

That means the more ads you block, the more BAT you’ll get

Depend upon your country
Depend upon your internet usage hour
The number of ads will change

Country of Vietnam. One day I use Brave for over 10 hours under 15 hours.

The first month I could see only two to three ads per day

It has now risen to eight

Now I can see four to eight ads per day

I have been using Brave since last August until now :frowning:
Let me ask how much BAT an advertisement can make.

0.05 BAT per advertisement

if you are a youTuber or you have own website you can become creator
you can earn more BAT through tip
You can also earn by referral link

Who is the BOA for me, the system or the user?

i don’t understand (BOA means)

Oh sorry you… BOA is TIP :slight_smile:

TIP from brave user’s, if they like your YouTube videos or your website they send TIP

Thanks you very much <3

You’re welcome…

@ntmd111092 unless brave reward ads