Still at 0 BAT for website after a few weeks

Hi, I set up rewards for and haven’t observed any increase in the balance. Is there another step I need to take? Thanks for any help.

Tell your fans/viewer/visitors that you are a Brave verified creators so they can include your channel in their auto-contribute/tips/monthly contribution.

Thanks, I can try that. I thought some BAT might already have been held in reserve since the site sees a decent amount of traffic. If you don’t see anything wrong with my setup then I’ll carry on. I appreciate your quick response.

P.S. Are there any one-click methods I can add to my site that would facilitate this? Like a link or button that would auto-configure someone’s tipping rate, or have a window pop up where they can set the rate.

It doesn’t matter if millions of people view your Site. You get BATs only if the people donate to you. Not by the views its getting :slight_smile:

Auto-Contribute is enabled by default when you start using Brave Rewards, so if your site has millions of viewers then it stands to reason some of them are using Brave on its default settings.

BTW it auto contributes only to the most viewed site by the people, so yeah visiting once or twice won’t make it auto-contribute.

And secondly, that millions of views will include other browsers as well so, yeah.

Also, many of the people who do use Brave are here mostly for the BATs so they will have the Auto-Contribution off.

Thank you! I did not know that.

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