How much BAT can you earn (on average) from 1 million daily YouTube Views?

Say you have a YouTube Channel with around 1,000,000 views per day from a normal audience (no crypto-related), like music, video games, etc.

Based on your experiences, how much do you calculate one can make per month approximately?

@Cless you don’t earn per view or anything. You earn based on what people tip you. Obviously that will vary greatly depending on what type of viewers you have and whether they use Brave. Part of what would benefit you would be to refer your viewers to Brave and to send tips your way.

I’m not really a content creator, but I have received as much as 300 BAT or so in a given month from people tipping (as a thanks for the volunteering/help I do here on Brave Community and Reddit). There have been others who have shared that they received more than 1,000 BAT each month through tips. Surprisingly, I know like 2 years ago, someone had shown a screenshot where like 10,000 BAT was their expected Creators payout for the month. (that was when BAT was closer to 1 BAT = $1.)

There are no available statistics from anyone to show what Creators get paid on average and I’m not sure how things are in place with the newer changes in BAT which require you to be verified to earn and tip.

Also want to note that Brave is still building out new features, such as where they’ll allow Creators to create Playlists they can share with their audience. Then also expanding on Pay With BAT and peer to peer (p2p) tipping that will provide more utility for BAT and capabilities to tip and receive more types of cryptocurrency.

While people do speak about how Brave had been around for years, they have been a small project and are building at a very slow and steady speed. If you equate it to human years, Brave really is in the “terrible twos.”. (I put in a hyperlink in case anyone doesn’t know what that is).

I wouldn’t expect you to make much or get rich right now off of it. But there’s a lot of long-term potential and I guess it depends on you and your viewers for support.

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