How long before an inactive tab is unloaded from memory?

How long before an inactive tab is unloaded from memory?
Can we control this? On a per tab basis?

Or is it dependent on how much memory is otherwise being used?
Thank you.

I think it has to do with the memory that brave allocates. When new tabs are opened above that allocation, it stores the state of some older tabs onto storage , offloading from memory. I don’t work at brave or anything, so you should tag steeven or any other brave staff member

Perhaps a set number of tabs before it unloads?

How do I tag a staff member?

What I’m really looking for is a way to keep a particular tab in memory without otherwise messing with the way it normally operates.

Not sure if there’s a more direct way, but I’d bet that one of those “auto-reload on interval” extensions would keep it in memory. Maybe reload every few mins or something like that.

But be careful, I think there’s a lot of trash/malicious auto-reload extensions in the store.

I’ve looked those over, and as far as I can tell they all fail the test of “without otherwise messing with the way it normally operates”.

Oh well.

Oh, duh… should have thought of this. Pinning a tab will likely do it for you.

Check out this doc.

Seems geared towards ChromeOS but the behavior (or at least, some of it) might be the same.

And if that doesn’t do it, maybe unchecking “Auto-discardable” under brave://discards/ will do it.

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How do you pin a tab?

Pinning the tab does not do the trick.
I assumed that before I posted the above, so now I’m here.

I did discover a workaround last night, which will be obvious when you look at ==> brave://discards.

So I’m OK for now, but still would pefer a “set it and forget it” solution.

Was it to uncheck Auto-discardable or did you have to do something else?

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Yes. Uncheck just the one pinned tab.

Found an extension that does what I want without unpleasant side effects.

Lets me specify a site by URL from the discard list and persists between sessions without messing with discarding in general.

Interface a bit non-intuitive, but as long as you just have a particular sire or two and aren’t constantly changing, it’s completely unobtrusive.

So far. Will report back if problems.

Addendum: Not a problem from my perspective, but it saves its list as extension cookies, so careful do not delete.

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What you are looking for is exactly this!

The Great Suspender Original


I start using it on an old computer who didn’t like having too many tabs opened (low ram), but I start installing it on other machine and it’s now one of my mandatory plug-in.

It has option to keep certain tabs loaded on some condition (pinned, media playing, form detected, specific domain,…).

Bonus : such tools helps lowering down energy consumption, wich is good for both your machine and the planet.

Just be careful, there is a non-original version that sucks on privacy that still exist somewhere, don’t get the wrong one (Chromestore has been purged thou, the link I gave is the good one)

Somebody knows how to answer this but not how to answer my questions…

Tried that early in the conversation. It was too much stuff and intercepts Brave’s normal handling. There are a number of such extensions I tried, and that was the best of the bunch (and not for me) until I found the one I used.

All I wanted is one website never discarded, and never bother about it again. With no additional overhead. That’s important. I have that now.

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