How to make use of "brave://discards/"?

Is the use of “brave://discards/” explained in any ‘help’ document?

It appears that at least one feature is a kind of ‘whitelisting’ that will prevent Brave’s ‘auto sleep’ from kicking in for a tab if ‘Auto Discardable’ is unchecked.

Is that correct, and what else is “brave://discards/” useful for?


Maybe @Passenger could share some experiences with you? A while back, we had some chat about it here: How long before an inactive tab is unloaded from memory?

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See the linked thread for everything I now know about it.

Really my only concern was having a set up for a reliable warning before exit, and I am satisfied by the workaround with making this page permanently undiscarded ==>

It still would be nice to have an option to allow for warn on close (as Chrome used to before they eliminated it), but it looks like that’s not going to happen. And for some reason the Chrome folks feel strongly about it, because they will not allow it as an extension.


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