How to keep tabs be NOT discarded

Is there any way to keep tabs be NOT discarded, automatically?
Both brave://discards, and any anti-discard related addons lead to browser’s hanging.
I know Brave as well as dumb Chrome did not have this issue before but decided to screw as always. Wonder if it’s possible to just turn this discard “feature” off forever. Or any other way to stop discarding. 16 gb of memory, what the…

This extension does the trick:

Warning: CCleaner does not play nice with it.

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Thanks for reply,
Unfortunately this add-on hangs my browser same way others do.

I wonder if Brave technicians can help with this? This feature can be turned off at all I am sure. Just have no idea how to do it. Must have something to do with “about:config” or similar. Just total off, not add-on.

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