Limiting memory usage

Hello, first time poster here, so I apologize if I’ve forgotten something.

Like many others, I’m having memory issues with Brave. I’m aware that Brave discards inactive tabs when memory usage is too high, and that’s just fine, but the issue I’m having is that Brave ISN’T discarding tabs, at least not at the frequency that it ought to.

Even when my machine is dangerously low on memory, Brave doesn’t discard tabs and my computer starts to lock up. Is there a way to limit the amount of memory Brave is allowed to consume, or to get it to discard tabs more frequently?

I’ll be honest, I’m a complete slob when it comes to closing tabs, so while I’m aware that my issue could mostly be fixed by just closing some tabs, I’d prefer to not change my current habits because I’m lazy.

How can this issue be reproduced?
I tested Brave’s tab discarding tendencies by monitoring what tabs have been discarded using brave://discards/ and then opening a million tabs (specifically until my computer was almost out of memory. As expected, by computer started locking up and I had to close many of the tabs I had just opened to get my computer to act normally again. Checking through the discards, I found that only a single tab of over a hundred had been discarded, even though my computer had been almost completely unresponsive.

I’m using Brave version on Plasma Artix Linux. My computer has 12 GB of memory.

Also, while Brave is my primary browser, I also keep a different browser (Chromium) open simultaneously, but I really only keep a small number of tabs open on it at a time.

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