How do i get my claimed rewards back?

something went wrong with my OS so i had to reinstall.
After installing Brave browser again and restoring my wallet using the seed phrases… I get back my estimated earnings for this month, but i don’t see my claimed rewards from previous months…
Is it a waiting thing, maybe it needs to sync or it is lost?

I had a non fully verified uphold wallet

While it is possible for me to recover certain files from the old installation, there are some issues with it

  • some of the files were corrupted
  • i tried restoring some of the key files, what i would get would be
    1. The estimated earnings for this month will reflect 0
    2. My claimed rewards so far will turn up just fine
    3. There will be no more Ads coming up

Update: Okay… i read somewhere… so now i understand how this works… its being stored locally in the brave rewards wallet… which is not tied with my recovery seed keys… i have access to regain that wallet… as well as the amount to it… but even if i do a verified uphold account… how do i force the transfer?.. or i can just verify it, bind it to uphold…and leave it be… let it transfer at end of month?

okay i think… the easiest way is to locate the local Brave Reward wallet and replace it in my new installation… anyone knows which file is the Brave wallet files?

right… think the reward came through somehow… closing this issue!

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