Lost some earnings with error

Hi, i have been using brave for a while and recently i started using the brave ads. I made 2 claims in to my browser wallet and was expecting to make the 3rd (All around $5 or $6 in total) but i got an error which corrupt my brave install and i’m unable to restore.

I didn’t link my uphold account to the browser and i wonder if there is any way to get my lost earnings? I did save my wallet id but i don’t remember where, so, not possible this way. Is there any ip based solution?


I’m not sure what the context is, or which browser you installed (Stable, Beta, or Nightly), but I’d say that you can’t retrieve the rewards. Try reinstalling Brave and see if it helps, and use Stable/Beta if you are using Nightly.

I’m using Version 1.25.68 Chromium: 91.0.4472.77 (Official Build) (64-bit).

I will wait for support. I saved the wallet id just need to find the file.
Also can you tell me the brave:// to get the seed and wallet id so i can save this install earnings (I don’t remember the command).

It’s brave://rewards-internals. But I don’t think it can be used to save earnings or restore wallets

I know. Afaik the wallet id can be send to support to get paid the earnings available in the wallet after confirmation. This is a exception if i’m not wrong. Can anyone from the support leave a reply? Thanks

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