After uninstalling Brave do I still receive ad rewards I collected this month to verified wallet?


I need to reinstall my Os from scratch. Naturally I’ll be installing Brave to my new Os. I know I can import/export bookmarks and settings but what about ad rewards I’ve collected this month? So in essence I guess my question is even after uninstalling Brave do I still receive ad rewards I’ve collected this month to my verified wallet(Gemini)?

Thanks, Matt

I don’t think your cureent earnings will be transferred. That is because the payment id and payment amount are transferred on the 1st of the following month, and since it is not the 1st of December…
Your wallet balance will be safe in Gemini though.
Also, if you’re not from the United States, you wont be able to connect to Gemini after reinstalling since that will be counted as a new installation and as of now new connections are allowed in the US only.

Don’t know if backing up the Brave folder as listed will help your situation →

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Does current earnings also get backed up in a backup ?

I never know the answer to that anymore, Matt. The reason for my hesitancy is that Gemini at this point in time usually still requires a person to Claim their earnings before it transfers over, to my knowledge. If you were using Uphold, then it wouldn’t matter, your earnings would still be sent over.


If you transfer your \brave-browser folder over, then it should have everything but your passwords moved over with you. For passwords, you’d need to export them over, as otherwise you’d end up with a lot of encrypted passwords you can’t access.

I’ve heard different ways to do this, but the original method which had been shared by someone from Brave is as follows:

  1. Make sure your version of Brave is completely updated.

  2. Find your folder path by going to brave://version and look for where it shows Profile Path.

  3. Copy/paste the entire \brave-browser` folder to a flash drive

  4. Install Brave on new/restored device (DO NOT OPEN IT)

  5. Replace \brave-browser folder with one from old/prior device.

From there, your Brave Rewards should be identical Wallet Payment ID you had before, all your extensions/history/bookmarks should be moved over, etc. The only thing that will NOT be accessible is passwords. (important enough I’m saying it again, lol)

For passwords, you’ll need to have:

  1. On old/prior device you’ll need to go to brave://settings/passwords

  2. Click on Export Passwords in the hamburger menu you’ll see next to the Add button.

  3. Export the file to a flash drive

  4. On new version of Brave, go to the same spot, but Import Passwords and choose the file you exported earlier.


If all done in the same day, you could use Sync to move everything but Rewards over as well. Rewards is only officially transferred over by linking to a custodial account. However, the unofficial method I showed of moving the \brave-browser folder over seems to work and maintain info, as long as done properly.


You’re kind of screwed. There’s no way to backup/restore Rewards. Whatever is on Gemini will be there still. As to whether payment would arrive, not sure since it’s not a direct deposit but requires you to claim vBAT. I’m assuming that month’s might be lost. You can import/export passwords but not bookmarks as well. But you can Sync to save it all, except Rewards.

Thank you both very much. Everything seems to work as promissed. One thing though since I use Devuan and there might be other linux users here who could be interrested. My path was/is /home/xxxx/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave.Browser/Default. Now, I took 4.(Install Brave on new/restored device (DO NOT OPEN IT)) to mean that I shouldn’t launch Brave after downloading. Path in question doesn’t exist unless you launch the browser so I just opened Brave then shut it and then replaced /Default as instructed. It’s my old Brave just as it was before. So thank you again and this was fun little chore for saturday evening

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There was typo; it’s of course /Brave-Browser not Brave.Browser

A quick update; it seems to have worked as promissed since I received rewards today. Thanks again guys!

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