Rewards from previous month lost?

Hey, recently I lost the rewards I had earned from February, 6.3 BAT. I live in Canada and did not withdraw any of my points so far, I am not sure what to do. Any help would be great

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What is your Brave version? Did you have Auto-contribute enabled? Did you have verified your wallet – connecting to Uphold account? Are those BAT from grants or ads?

Brave Version:

Version 1.5.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit). I dont have auto contribe enabled and I havent verifed my wallet yet and all my points are from ads

I tired using the recovery code on another user and all my balance shows up as zero. I am getting a new laptop and this will be an issue. Mind you, I am already at 9 BAT in my balance after losing the other 6.3 BAT.

cc @asad @steeven @mattches for additional assistance here. Since I’m not really sure about this.

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Can anyone help out here? @asad @steeven @mattches

I am now experiencing issues where I cant get my rewards for this month.

To confirm, you’re saying that you had 6.3BAT that you lost before the 9 BAT? Further, you’re saying that you’re unable to claim funds owed from viewing ads this month?

I had 15.3 BAT for the month of February and March (February earned 6.3 then 9 from march) but now my BAT for the month of February is gone. And yes I am unable to claim funds owed from viewing ads this month.

Have you verified your wallet yet with Uphold?

No, not yet. Maybe later on.

Nvm now I was able to get my rewards for this month, I guess one issue is solved.

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So I just switched laptops and after using the brave recovery key, I lost all my BAT except for the pending ones. And there is still the issue where I lost 6.5 BAT.


Can anyone help out here?

Hi there – unfortunately, the recovery key won’t back up grants, only pending earnings and self-funded BAT. I’m afraid there’s no way to get your grant BAT back. :frowning:

Wait so even if I collect the BAT from ads, if I don’t redeem them after a certain period, they disappear after a while.

No, only promotional BAT grants expire (sometimes we give out free BAT) – your Rewards earnings will NEVER expire

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