Rewards after Reinstalling OS

Just wondering if I can recover my Brave Rewards. Reinstalled my OS and had probably a years worth of rewards but not sure if I had them in a wallet or if there is an onboard holding wallet. I had claimed them many times.

Hello @WoolyMammoth

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Since I believe you were referring to estimated earnings , estimated earnings are actually backed up with your backup key/recovery phrase. So, if you have your recovery phrase, you should be able to restore your estimated earnings.

Let me know if this answers the question!

Hey thanks. I recovered but I still don’t see anything. Am I out of luck? Is there a list of supported wallets? It may be another.

Is your recovery key 24 / 25 word ?
If yes, then that is sync key. That doesn’t inany way backup BAT rewards. the only way to do that is by connecting to Uphold / Gemini.

No it’s a 12 word. I’ll try that.

I don’t think I have a seed for the Brave wallet. The claimed rewards would be in that wallet correct? I had a Trust wallet but I guess that’s not it.

Brave wallet doesn’t store the rewards BAT…

@Alice2095 I have tried every old wallet that I think it might be. I recovered with what I think the Brave Wallet seed is successfully but still seeing a 0 balance. Guess there’s not much you can do here?

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