How do I back up my Brave Rewards Wallet and make sure I still can access my BATs?

I can’t transfer my BAT to Binance or Kucoin. I don’t understand why this feature is not provided.

I can see that my Brave wallet is powered by Uphold which I don’t want anymore because Uphold discriminates my country and doesn’t serve customers here. I can’t seem to unlink Uphold from my wallet.

I have clicked and viewed all your ads for 9 months now and I even wasted the first 2 months worth of BATs because it is difficult to back up rewards wallet. There’s not even a single article online that details how to do it which forced me to write this message here. Maybe this is what you want.

I think all your users deserve to be able to move their BATs easily and conveniently. Why are you making this difficult?

Anyways, I just need the steps on how to regain access to my wallet and my tokens if I reinstall my OS. I mean, if I can only transfer my tokens to another wallet or to Binance or Kucoin, I wouldn’t be bothering you.

Looking forward to your reply.

Unfortunately, uphold is the only service provider for Brave withdraws. The thing is new wallet gonna release soon which is gemini. I hope it would solve your problem when it comes.

I don’t think you can get your bats back once you reinstalled it. you need to transfer it to uphold or wait for the gemini to come so that you can transfer your bats in it.

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doing a physical cloning of your disk, that way you will have a way to access your wallet in case you had to format your pc

I never had done cloning.
I would like to ask something like when you clone the whole disk and install in another desktop. Would all the apps gonna be there ? Like pre-installed

yeah, as long as you include all the relevant folders in the cloning process it shouldn’t be any difference between your two disks(the original and the clone)

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damn, why is this difficult lol
i mean i can try but i might just mess it up and lose all my BATs
how is Brave going to get more users and drive mass adoption for their token if they are making these things difficult?

just keep making new post lol and force them to add more wallets.
they are adding gemini but I can’t verify my identity there sadly since they ask for passport.

I see you don’t want to use Uphold and want the BATs to be transferred to Binance.

I suggest you to first claim the BATs on your Uphold account and then transfer the BATs from your Uphold account to any external wallets like Binance.

Making new posts isn’t going to force them to do anything. And the requirement for passports and other forms of ID comes from the respective governments.

At least they should let us move bats from one system to another by copying brave data or something like that. No one gonna use the same old device for years.

This sounds like they’re trying to force us to use old devices for the sake of environmental waste lol.

Or they should provide an account to store bats like a creator account but for all the users.

They are working on a system to let us move BAT from one device to another, as well as to release wallet allotments when devices/profiles are unlinked. No idea yet when those will be available, though.

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