How to withdraw brave rewards to the brave crypto wallet or others?

Is there a way to retrieve the bat rewards aside using these shady services like uphold or gemini?
can someone ELI5 why i can’t simple chose to get the rewards into my brave crypto account or you know any other place that is able to store the BAT and i am forced to use these services that not only they get fees and get more and more reports that they steal users?

At the moment you still need to use these custodial wallets until they implement their own . They are working on it but it may take some time. There was a lengthy post about this by @chriscat but when I view it now it looks like it is not there anymore. Maybe on your end it shows it differently? Brave Rewards and the Brave Wallet

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thank you for your reply, sadly the OP edited the post with a coming soon message, however i could verify if you click in the pencil button you can see the original post again. I will take a look.

but this still puzzles me, a custodial wallet isn’t a service that is used when 2 persons want to exchange stuff and there is a “trusted” man in the middle to hold the stuff that is being traded so it prevents like 2 random people met in a chat from running away from a transaction?

kinda confused on why we need this since you know “brave” it’s the party that provides the rewards service in first place, they just had to send the tokens to a wallet… and these 2 custodial companies (specially uphold) are getting reports of shutting down accounts that “they suspect” and lack of support

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