How can I turn off the "Brave is not your default browser...set as default" popup?

I was an hour into a screen recording when the “Brave is not your default browser…set as default” alert popped up at the top of my screen. I had to stop the recording and start over. I don’t want this popup to occur ever again. Is there a way to turn this notification off so it doesn’t popup in the middle of any of my recordings going forward?

Windows 10
Brave Desktop Browser Version 0.66.101 Chromium: 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thanks for reaching out – can tell me in what form this “alert” took? To my knowledge, if Brave is not your default browser, it will notify you as a banner at the top of the browsing window. But once it’s dismissed (or Brave is made your default browser) this banner should not “pop-up” or appear again.

Thanks for the reply. You are correct. It was a banner at the top of the browser.

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