How do you stop this annoying Brave notification?

Recently, for some reason, I’ve been getting an annoying pop-up when I open the Brave browser. Maybe this is connected with a Windows update, I don’t know. The pop-up, which prevents me using the browser until I interact with it, says “Set Brave as your default browser”. Making this pop-up even more annoying than it already is, is that you can’t choose an option to make it stop from ever appearing again when you start your browser. For some reason it thinks I might want to change my mind in the future about making it my default browser. How do I stop this nonsense from Brave?

  1. Open Brave
  2. Pop-up from Brave immediately appears
  3. This happens every time I open Brave

This is new behaviour from Brave. I hope it’s not the start of a new pattern from Brave, as I’d just use another browser.BraveNotificationAnnoying

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