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I’ve used Brave for a long time now, and it WOULD be my default browser except I am forced to use IE at work (for Oracle, as Brave doesn’t allow java). So I use Brave for non-Oracle stuff, but for the last couple of days, Brave has begun nagging me about being the default browser. It was never an issue before, so why the nag screen now? It’s not going to be the default, ever, so I would like to stop being asked about it.

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I noticed the same thing yesterday after updating to the latest version. Firefox and other browsers I have used have a preference setting about checking if it is the default browser upon startup. I could not find any such setting in Brave. After starting if a few times it quit nagging. This morning it did a couple of times. I never start a browser from a link. I start the appropriate browser first then copy/paste the link so I could simply make Brave the default. It is just the principle of the thing.


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I’m pretty sure Brave once had that setting regarding whether to check if it’s the default. Maybe it still does, but I can’t find it.

Same issue here with the latest version of Brave on both my Win10 work and Linux Mint 20.1 MATE home machines. It’s a minor irritant but I’m sure the good folks at Brave will want to fix it soon.

We’re already on it – apologies for the inconvenience:


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