How can I transfer my BAT Rewards from one phone to another phone without losing BAT Rewards?

I have been using Phone A for past 2years and I have been using 1 years brave browser on my phone A now I purchased new phone B now I able to sync phone A browers bookmark and passwords but it doesn’t sync that Phone A BAT Rewards. How can I transfer that BAT Rewards to my phone B?or else is there any option to withdraw that BAT Rewards to my uphold account?

Sync as you mentioned only syncs bookmarks passwords and other settings. It will not sync BAT as each device has their own local wallet. If you are connected to Uphold then there should not be any issue as once November roles around and payouts are complete, both phones will show the Uphold balance. Pro tip, if I were you I would continue to use your old phone connected on Wifi and still use every so often for browsing to get more BAT. Just don’t run them both at the same time as ads can be hindered if two accounts are up at the same time.


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